Visual Computing for Heterogeneous Simulation and Measurements Data

Temperature in a cooling jacket of a 4 cylinder engine.

Only values on a cutting plane are depicted.

User can interactively select virtual probe points - red dots.

Temperature values for virtual probes - the views are linked, a simple click in the graph will highlight the probe position and vice versa.

Angular velocity streamlines seeded at the cooling-liquid intake.

Angular velocity streamlines seeded at the cooling-liquid intake, another viewpoint.

The overall objective of this project is to support model based engineering approach by means of interactive visual analysis.

We aim in combining automatic and interactive methods in order to fully exploit rich data originating from automotive simulations and measurements. Our main goal is to research intuitive, efficient, and effective solutions that are applicable in the daily routines of engineers. We build on our experience with visualization, parameter space exploration, mesh processing, and simulation ensemble steering. We rely heavily on results from the strategic research project, especially on research on machine learning and quantitative visual analytics.

Our main goal is to create a novel visual analysis methodology, that supports simulation steering, simulation ensembles steering, integration of simulation and measurement results from heterogeneous sources (various simulations - computational fluid dynamics, rigid body, or hydraulic simulation, e.g., and various measurements).

Research in this project is done in a close cooperation with our industrial and scientific partners. This is the only way that guarantees success in an application oriented research project. We constantly evaluate and refine new methodologies developed within the project with our partners. This ensures industrial relevance of the research and provides us with new questions and problems from the industry.