Big Data for Neurosciences

Understanding how the brain works is one of the biggest challenges addressed by neuroscientists today. This research is highly data intensive and requires dedicated software infrastructures to enable and accelerate the discovery of the complex interplay of genes, structure and function.

Since 2008, the Biomedical Image Informatics Group has been involved in several research and development projects with national and international partners addressing data analysis, data mining and data management challenges related to neuroscience research.

Result of these efforts is the Brain* Software Infrastructure allowing to manage, mine, analyze and visualize large image data collections and their annotations in a highly efficient manner. Brain* has been jointly developed with neuroscientists and is in use at several research institutions in Austria, Germany, France and the US. Initial efforts focused on data of the adult drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly). Current research and development is extending the infrastructure and data analytics capabilities of the platform towards handling of time dependent data, zebrafish data (Partner: CNRS/Tefor), and the integration and correlation of genetic, structural and gene expression data of mice (IMP, Wulf Haubensak).

Partners and Collaborators

  • Neuroscientists: IMP (Wulf Haubensak, Andrew Straw, Barry Dickson), Uni Konstanz (Andreas Thum), Uni Freiburg (Andrew Straw), CNRS (Arnim Jenett, Francois Rouyer, Jean-Stéphane Joly), HHMI (Barry Dickson, Jim Truman), UCLA (Volker Hartenstein)
  • Computer Scientists: Dorit Merhof (RWTH Aachen), Stefan Bruckner (University Bergen)