Research, PhD and Diploma Thesis, Student Projects -@- VRVis. Interesting job opportunities for researchers and students.

General Information

VRVis is always looking for highly motivated researchers and post-docs in our respective fields of work. We also offer internships and student projects in the field of visualization and virtual reality, and the opportunity to write a diploma thesis at VRVis in cooperation with TU-Wien. We are mainly interested in computer science students, but also students of other areas are welcome if they have programming knowledge and are interested in one the offered topics.

VRVis is located in Vienna on the "Donau City" which can be conveniently reached by the underground line U1 (station Vienna International Center - Kaisermühlen). Vienna is one of best cities to live in worldwide.


VRVis has eight research groups with emphases in different fields:

Biomedical Image Informatics Group

Geospatial Visualization Group

Interactive Visualization Group

Integrated Simulations Group

Mobile Augmented Reality Group

Multiple Senses Group

Semantic Modelling and Acquisition Group

Visual Analytics Group

We Expect

  • Interest and some knowledge in one of the topics:
    computer graphics, visualization, computer vision, and/or virtual reality

  • Programming experience
    (C#, C++ and/or Java, OpenGL, DirectX, Python …)

  • An open mind for new challenges

We Offer

  • Professional supervision and environment

  • Interesting topics, applied research on real world problems and close contact to industry

  • Financial refund