The mission of VRVis is to bridge the gap between science and industry. This enables an efficient transfer from basic research to industrial application.

Research Topics

The research focus of VRVis is Visual Computing, where we perform research on transforming data into meaningful visual images through novel software algorithms, as well as optimizing the interaction between software and hardware. Visual Computing is a very broad field that copes with a large variety of data sources. Correspondingly, research projects at VRVis encompass a very wide range of data types and application fields, including engine simulation, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, aerial images, laser range scans, financial data, and seismic measurements for oil field exploration. The most important goal of our research is to visualize data in a way that provides the user with optimal insight and value. Key factors are real-time capability, interaction, and the quality and accuracy of the resulting visual representations, as well as the possibility to conduct meaningful analyses.