Living and working in Vienna

Vienna is a good place to live. This is not least proven by the Mercer Ranking, which has named Vienna the most liveable city in the world ten times in a row. Located in the heart of Europe, the city of 1.9 million inhabitants situated next to the Danube offers plenty for everyone. A rich cultural and artistic scene, nature close to the city, a variety of leisure activities and, of course, an extremely lively scientific and research landscape are just some of the aspects that make Vienna a city with outstanding quality of life. The science community is also large: for example, over 45,000 people work at 1,553 R&D locations and there are more than 200,000 students, making Vienna the largest university city in the German-speaking world.

In Vienna, the city takes its role as a patron of science, research, creativity and innovation very seriously and supports it through initiatives such as "Innovative Vienna 2020". Austria as a whole can also be regarded as a country with a very strong focus on the future, investing more than 2.8% of its gross domestic product in research and development.

Another factor that speaks for Vienna is its outstanding geographical location: Located in the heart of Europe, the Austrian provincial capital has excellent connections to the international air and European rail networks and is home to the headquarters of many international companies and organizations. This interplay of internationalism and "down to earthiness" has established Vienna for a long time as an attractive home base for people who move and think globally, but also want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere for which Vienna is famous.

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