Equal opportunities

Why we are committed to equal opportunities

There are very few women in informatics - the reasons for this are numerous. In order to make up for this, VRVis has committed itself to equal opportunities and the advancement of women. Therefore we support through our scientific communication the awareness-raising and visualization of women and also support the women in our field actively through our diversity management. This means that we proactively show and promote the next generation of women in IT and research, not only within our company but also outside VRVis. For example, we support female students who gain their first practical experience with us or write their Bachelor's or Master's thesis with an additional mentoring program. We are also involved, for example, in the network of female students in Visual Computing at the TU Vienna, the Women in Engineering Network at the IEEE or the Viennese community of female programmers.

In addition, we are also committed to young researchers. Every year during the Wiener Töchtertag, for example, we open our doors to schoolgirls who want to get a taste of the day-to-day work of a research institution in the field of Visual Computing. We are also a recurring guest at the European Researchers' Night or the Lange Nacht der Forschung, presenting our work to the public.

Science communication is an important part of successful research work. In order to highlight the outstanding achievements of our colleagues, we actively engage in media relations. It is always a particular pleasure for us when our researchers are nominated for prizes and win awards at competitions or conferences.

For us, equal opportunities means, of course, above all, supporting all our employees.