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The Mastcam-Z team's first 3D video flyover of the Martian surface. The video shows the immediate environment of NASA's Perseverance rover, compiled from Mastcam-Z flight stereo images.

PRo3D is important tool of planetary geology

On a green background is a portrait photo of geologist Sanjeev Gupta and the quote "PRo3D is a game changer" from him.

Prof. Sanjeev Gupta is Co-Investigator on the Mastcam camera teams on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover mission in Gale crater on Mars, Collaborator on the Mastcam-Z camera team of NASA Mars 2020 rover mission, which landed successfully on Mars in 2021 as well as Co-Investigator on the PanCam camera team of the ExoMars 2020 rover mission, which is currently planned for 2028.


PRo3D is available for download at including reconstructions of the Martian surface to try out. PRo3D is also available in open-source form on Github. For academic or commercial inquiries please contact science(at)

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