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Features of PRo3D

Geological Annotation

Bild einer geologischen Annotation der Marsoberfläche mit Hilfe der Software PRo3D.

PRo3D lets users pick points on the 3D surface at the full resolution of the data present. Our tools contain point, line, and polyline annotations, while line segments are projected onto the surface. Various measurements are computed at the highest possible accuracy, such as the distance along a 3D surface (waylength) or dip-and-strike orientations of sediment structures.

Large Data

Eine hochauflösende Oberflächenrekonstruktion der Marsoberfläche in PRo3D.

Surface reconstructions from high-resolution satellite images can easily yield gigabytes of data in terms of geometry, imagery, and additional layers. With PRo3D users can explore huge datasets interactively and even perform measurements of topographic features. The displayed dataset on the right consists of 2GB of raw 3D position vectors, a 1GB elevation map, and 10GB of image data rendered at interactive framerates with commodity hardware, utilizing adjustable level-of-detail and out-of-core techniques.

3D Layers

PRo3D stellt typische GIS-Funktionen zur Verfügung, um georäumliche Probleme zu lösen

Although, PRo3D is not a GIS system, we need to provide our users with typical GIS features to solve their geospatial problems, such as evaluating topographic or geological features. Our 3D layering technique allows a seamless integration of different reconstructions present at a single location. Unlike image or DTM layering we allow users to blend full 3D data by assigning rendering priorities, which is crucial to explore reconstructions from multiple rover camera instruments.


PRo3D is available for download at including example resconstructions of Mars, and also in source code form on Github. For academic or commercial inquiries please contact science(at)