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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christoph Traxler

Area Coordinator Smart Worlds & Head of GeoSMAQ, Geospatial Visualization, Semantic Modelling, and Acquisition Group

traxler(at) +43 1 908 98 92 520

Project Details

Start: 07.2018

End Date: 12.2019


Joanneum, EOX

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Use Cases

MINERVA offers the users the opportunity to visualize, analyze, and annotate the mission data in a spatiotemporal context that also considers interrelations:

  • Support scientists in geo-referencing of scientific products (e.g. spectra) for the characterization of regions and the identification of their boundaries.
  • To enable a holistic overview of products, their correlations and their distribution by time, rover orientation, etc.
  • Measure/annotate on 3D surfaces with PRo3D and share this with peers
  • Search for spatial and temporal correlations in laboratory instruments data (spectrometers etc.).
  • Get geospatial overviews of products’ locations having certain characteristics (e.g., a spectrum with a certain shape).
  • Simultaneous inspection of ensembles of spectra/images. This may include a characterization of the overall dispersion, a pairwise comparison of particular products, and the clustering of products by their characteristics (e.g., the shape of their spectrum).
  • Identify bidirectional relation of product locations to corresponding product characteristics, e.g. potentially non-contiguous regions where objects have certain characteristics.

Video Minerva

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