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Downloads and information about VRVis

Career and cooperation

Flyer Karriere & Diversity

Flyer Career & Diversity at VRVis (german only)

Download Flyer Karriere & Diversity  (1 MB, pdf)

Simulation of floods and heavy rain

Bild der Checkliste zum Schutz gegen Starkregen und Hochwasser.

Checklist heavy rain & floods (german only)

Download Checkliste  (2 MB, pdf)

Portfolio hydrodynamic modelling (german only)

Download Portfolio  (2 MB, pdf)

Creation, visualization and analysis of and interaction with 3D geodata

Flyer about our software GEARViewer

Download Flyer GEARViewer  (869 KB, pdf)

Flyer about our software PRo3D

Download Flyer Pro3D  (2 MB, pdf)

Space Technology

More flyer

Flyer Machine Learning for Businesses

Flyer Machine Learning for Businesses (german only)

Download Flyer Machine Learning for Businesses  (1 MB, pdf)
Flyer Taktile Reliefe und Multimedia Guide

Flyer Tactile reliefs and multimedia guide for museum objects

Download Flyer Tactile Reliefs and Multi Media Guide for Museum Objects  (3 MB, pdf)