Our corporate culture

We are a COMET center and Austria's leading and internationally recognized institution for applied research in the field of Visual Computing and Virtual Reality with headquarters in Vienna. According to the motto "See – Understand – Decide" we build a bridge connecting science and industry.

Since our company was founded in 2000, our team has grown from five to about 70 employees from ten different nations. A lot has changed, but one thing has remained the same: the family and friendly cooperation as well as the enthusiasm to expand the limits of what is possible. Together we have always been passionate about technology and research. Research is multifaceted - in our "A day in the life" column, we present the competent people of VRVis who make an important contribution to advancing the technological development of our country.

Behind our innovative solutions are innovative people. Because we see diversity as a strength, we bring together people who have different life experiences, cultures, ways of working and solution strategies. Our inclusive and amicable working atmosphere is based on respect in our dealings with each other. Not only at work, but also in the joint activities afterwards. Over the years, for example, a VRVis Running Team, regular game nights, beach volleyball or summer barbecues have established themselves. In addition, the team spirit is further enhanced during the monthly joint luncheon and the annual company outings.

We have understood that people not only have different ways of working, but also diverse community and family responsibilities. The compatibility of the different areas of life is not a hollow phrase for us, but a matter of course. We offer home office, flexitime with comp time, changes from full-time to part-time or vice versa, and always endeavour to support our employees in the best possible way with individual solutions when challenges arise in their private lives.

The heart and brain of our research and all our successes is the team behind it: We know and appreciate that!

The VRVis team says hello - from the life of a researcher

A man is sitting at a computer, next to him there is a legged robot

Researcher Martin Riegelnegg

Martin Riegelnegg is part of the GeoSMAQ research group at VRVis. He got into the field of computer science in quite an unconventional way. To VRVis and thus in computer science research he came through an internship.The focus of his work is currently the development of a fully automated digital system to asses the potential for the additive manufacturing of rail spare parts.

Portrait of Martin Riegelnegg

Three researchers in front of screens, the one on the far right points to a monitor.
Attila Szabo at work: exchange and collaboration with his research team, as well as corporate partners, are part of his daily work.

Researcher Attila Szabo

Attila Szabo is a researcher in the GeoSMAQ research group. With the research and development of interactive human-in-the-center tools, Attila Szabo and corporate partner rmDATA are revolutionizing the way the surveying industry handles laser scan and photogrammetry data.

A researcher at her desk in front of her two screens.

Researcher Lisa Kellner

Lisa Kellner is a researcher in the GeoSMAQ research group of VRVis and works, for example, on artificial intelligence solutions for point cloud segmentation as well as 3D reconstruction.

A researcher sits in front of a keyboard and holds the computer mouse in his hand

Researcher Andreas Walch

Andreas Walch is a researcher in the GeoSMAQ research group and develops new methods to interactively simulate and plan sustainable and energy-efficient building design.

A woman stands leaning against a wall and smiles confidently into the camera with her arms folded.

Scientific Director Katja Bühler

Katja Bühler is the scientific director of VRVis and leads the Biomedical Image Informatics research group. She is an expert in trusted artificial intelligence (XAI), image processing and data science solutions for life science research. As scientific leader, she works closely with the management and all VRVis research groups.

a researcher smiles at the camera, her two monitors at the desk next to her.

Researcher and Research Incubator Milena Vuckovic

Milena Vuckovic is a researcher in the Visual Analytics research group. She specializes in energy and environmental data, eliciting more accurate information and insights from large climate datasets. As a Research Incubator, she networks with other VRVis research groups and external partners to get new research ideas off the ground.

A researcher with VR goggles and controllers in front of three computer monitors.

Area Coordinator Katharina Krösl

Katharina Krösl leads the "Multiple Senses" area of VRVis. She is an AR/VR expert and explores new ways in which accessibility and immersion of extended reality can provide more inclusion in the real world.

Eine Forscherin steht an einem Whiteboard und schreibt Berechnungen drauf.

Head of Visual Analytics research group Johanna Schmidt

Johanna Schmidt heads the Visual Analytics research group at VRVis. She is an expert in Big Data, data visualization and data literacy.

View of a researcher sitting at her workstation in front of a computer with two screens.

Researcher Silvana Zechmeister

Silvana Zechmeister is a researcher in the Integrated Simulation research group at VRVis. She specializes in visualization and rendering and collaborates on the HORA3D project.