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Visual Analytics Software Platform Visplore

Visplore is a software platform permitting rapid and flexible creation of task-specific analytical applications interactively by the user. Visplore has been designed for the visual exploration of multi- to high-dimensional data, including categorical and functional data. The focus is on supporting specific tasks such as data quality assessment, process optimization, and the analysis of prediction models. The software architecture exploits parallelism in order to support interactive analysis of millions of data records in real-time. Visplore has served as a software platform for numerous scientific results of the Visual Analytics group, as well as for applications, e.g., in the automotive industry, the energy sector, industrial manufacturing, the health sector, and for network security. More about Visplore.

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Energy sector

Partners: Austrian Power Grid AG, HAKOM Solutions GmbH

Quality assessment of time series data; validation and comparison of predictive models

Powertrain engineering

Partners: AVL List GmbH

Validation of simulation data, sensitivity analysis, multi-objective optimization

Industrial manufacturing

Partners: RHI AG, Plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH

Monitoring of production processes and production fault; analysis for process optimization

Health economics

Partners: Hauptverband österreichischer Sozialversicherungsträger, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH

Quality assessment of accounting data, monitoring and analysis of health system performance indicators


Partners: Schedule Coordination Austria GmbH, AI-MS Aviation Infrastructure Management Systems GmbH

Identification of correlations and trends, data preparation, detail analysis of flight schedule optimization results

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