Research topics

Reference projects, applications and publications

Data Science for Medicine and Life Science

Data Science plays an increasing role in the fields of medicine and life sciences. VRVis has already successfully implemented several data science projects in the areas of neuroscience and medicine for the analysis of health and patient cohort data. Furthermore, VRVis has developed Brain*, a globally used platform for the integration, management and exploration of spatial brain data.

Visual Analytics for High-Dimensional Data

In our applied research project TOHIVA, we developed novel visual analytics methods relevant for industry 4.0 for the more efficient visualization of large, high-dimensional data for customized forecast models to support decision-making processes.


For many years, we have been working intensively with fully automated, AI-based algorithms that solve real medical application problems, for example, and can already look back on several patents and a large number of publications in top-class scientific media, as well as several high-impact publications on machine learning and deep learning.