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Head of Visual Analytics

Johanna Schmidt studied computer science at the TU Wien with a special focus on visual computing. Besides her studies she was working part-time as a software engineer for different companies. Johanna received her master's degree in 2011 and afterwards continued with a Ph.D. in visualization at the TU Wien, which she finished in 2016. She afterwards worked as a scientist at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology where she was responsible for developing visual analytics solutions for domain experts working with large movement data. In 2019 she joined the VRVis, where she became Head of the Visual Analytics group in July 2020. Johanna Schmidts main research focus is on information visualization and visual analytics of large time-series data. She is working with interactive visual systems that can support tasks like data quality assessment, decision making, and predictive modelling. Johanna Schmidt authored several publications being published in high-impact journals like IEEE TVCG and Computer Graphics Forum and in proceedings of highly relevant visualization conferences. Johanna Schmidt is also a a lecturer at the TU Wien and speaks at events (i.e. about Artificial Intelligence at the Europe Day 2019).

Main research

  • Visual Analytics

  • Information Visualization

  • Visualization for Industry Applications


Research Group