Green Infrastructure and Sponge City

Especially cities and municipalities suffer from the consequences of climate change: heatwaves alternate with extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall and floods. Although climate change is a global problem, local interventions in urban areas, in particular, have great potential for rapid relief. The increasingly frequent and heavy rainfall can not only be tamed by innovative urban development concepts like Sponge City but also be made productive. With our unique digital simulation and visualization application Visdom, we solve real problems caused by too much water. Often, even simple measures such as green roofs or rainwater-fed biotopes improve the situation.

Disaster prevention and flood management

One of the most negative effects of the climate crisis is an increase in flood disasters as a result of heavy rainfall events. For this reason, it is essential for cities and municipalities worldwide to be able to get a precise understanding of which infrastructure is particularly at risk and which structural or landscape planning precautions should be taken, for example, to avert flooding. Our simulation software Visdom offers the ideal support for this: digital twins of entire cities and regions are created from real data, in which all kinds of extreme weather scenarios can be simulated at speeds previously unheard of on the market. This makes it possible to digitally determine the most suitable measures - from constructional modifications to the most suitable locations for protective barriers, to the best evacuation routes - and, based on this information, to decide which solutions will be implemented in real life.

Customized disaster protection for communities

As a service for communities, we offer in cooperation with RIOCOM - Engineering Office for Cultural Technology and Water Management - customized disaster control planning for extreme weather events. We create a digital copy of a municipality and simulate a variety of scenarios: What happens if streams overflow their banks or canals can no longer cope with wastewater. Based on the simulation results, suitable protective measures are defined, a contingency plan is drawn up or local emergency personnel (e.g. fire brigade) are advised.

Risk analysis

To make cities and regions more resilient, i.e. more resistant and robust against floods or heavy rainfall, risk analysis is a key element. During a successful risk assessment, weak points are identified, hazard zones are calculated and the risks quantified. In this context, we offer detailed calculations in the micro and macro range for various hydrodynamic events, for small municipalities or large areas, for entire regions or even countries. In addition to the analysis itself, Visdom offers easy-to-understand visualizations, which are ideally suited for preparing the public and emergency personnel for possible extreme weather events in advance.

Risk analysis as a basis for flood management

In the project HORA 3, which we are implementing together with the TU Vienna for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism and the Austrian Insurance Association, we are dealing with flood modelling for all rivers and streams in Austria with a catchment area larger than 10 km². The results are detailed and easily understandable flood risk maps for different annual rainfall probabilities, which will be made available to the public at the end of the project, so that everyone can assess the risk situation for their homes in case of future flood events.

Flood prediction

Even the best prognosis cannot prevent the event from occurring, but it can help considerably to get an idea of the extent and scope of a storm or flood. Flood warnings have a long tradition in Austria, in the last century fast riders informed the public when river levels rose alarmingly and cities were acutely threatened by flooding. Today's state-of-the-art flood protection includes precise flood prediction. We can carry out these project-related or based on any GIS coordinates. This is important, for example, for personalised forecasts, but also for marine navigation.

Our expertise

Unsere Expertise fußt auf der jahrelangen gemeinsamen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeit mit hochkarätigen wissenschaftlichen Partner sowie renommierten Anwendungspartnern. Our expertise is based on years of joint research and development work with top-class scientific partners and renowned application partners.

SCientific PartneRS: Prof. Günter Blöschl (Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Management, TU Vienna) and Prof. Sebastian Noelle (RWTH Aachen)

APPLICATION partneRs: Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln (AöR), RIOCOM – Ingenieurbüro für Kulturtechnik und Wasserwirtschaft DI Albert Schwingshandl