Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christoph Traxler

Area Coordinator Smart Worlds & Head of GeoSMAQ

Christoph Traxler is a researcher at VRVis. From 2017 to 2019 he was the head of the Geospatial Visualization group. Currently he is the coordinator of the area Smart Worlds and also head of the  Geospatial Visualization, Semantic Modelling and Acquisition research group.

He received his doctorate at the Vienna University of Technology in 1997. He was involved in many applied research projects in the field of visual computing, which were funded both nationally and internationally. He was (co-)author of the proposals for most of these projects and coordinated some of them. Christoph has gained a lot of practical experience as researcher and developer in the field of computer graphics, focusing on real-time rendering, geospatial visualization, virtual and augmented reality. He is (co-)author of internationally peer-reviewed scientific papers and was awarded the prize for the best paper at ISMAR 2010. Since 1994 he is a lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology.

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