VRVis is member of the new Horizon 2020 funded project ARCHES, which is involving partners in Heritage and Technology across Europe. ARCHES aims to create more inclusive cultural environments for people with differences and difficulties associated with perception, memory, cognition and communication through an in-depth research analysis and the development of innovative applications, functionalities and experiences based on the reuse and redevelopment of digital resources.

VRVis is responsible for the working package "On-site multisensory activities". The objectives of this package are to develop on-site sensory activities focused on

  • an interactive haptic installation in the museum,
  • context-sensitive tactile audio guide,
  • and to complement these activities with others defined during the pilot exercises.

Planned outcomes:

  • Reliefs of paintings
  • Relief printer prototype
  • Improve context-sensitive tactile audio guide

Duration: October 2017 - September 2019

Link: Arches-Homepage