Artificial Intelligence

VRVis presents its expertise in Artificial Intelligence again at panel discussion

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On September 13, 2018 Der Brutkasten, Austria's startup and innovation platform, hosted a panel discussion on "Artificial Intelligence: The world in five years" at the Novomatic Forum. Dr. Katja Bühler, Head of the Biomedical Image Informatics research group at VRVis was podium guest and discussed with other representatives from the industry on the subject of the hour. In particular she spoke about what will be possible in the next five years, but also discussed exaggerated expectations and ideas. She also told about current projects and use cases of VRVis in this area, for instance the collaboration with AGFA Healthcare to accelerate radiological procedures significantly by using Deep Learning technology.

With her expertise in artificial intelligence, Katja Bühler is a sought-after expert and lecturer in this field. She was a speaker at the 1st Artificial Intelligence Conference in Austria, which was organized by the WKÖ.

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