eAward 2019

VRVis nominated in three categories for business award eAward 2019

Picture above right: the VR team, picture below left: the Visual Analytics team, picture below right: the multimedia guide for tactile reliefs in action

Since 2005, Report Verlag has been awarding the eAward every year nationwide and presents this business prize to projects with IT relevance and maximum customer benefit. The VRVis is nominated in three different categories: Industry 4.0, Social Responsibility and Training. We are very happy about that! The award ceremony for the eAward 2019 will take place on 31 January 2019 in Vienna.

Category: Industry 4.0

Project: Process optimization through visual analysis of mass data - New findings from quality data also for non-Data Scientists

RHI Magnesita refractory products must meet the highest quality standards and regular quality controls are a central part of the production process. In the course of digitisation, many different parameters are determined fully automatically for each brick produced. From the data, a holistic picture of the status and progress of the product quality can be derived. However, fully automated data collection increases the amount and complexity of the data. Commercially available statistics programs are not sufficient to exploit the full potential of the data. VRVis has developed a data analysis tool for RHI Magnesita that combines intuitive user interfaces with tailor-made analysis solutions. Thus, even non-data scientists have understandable access to the production data and the findings hidden in it. Since then, visualizations that can be flexibly combined have allowed quality management to enter into a completely new dialogue with their data - deeper than conventional business intelligence solutions and more accessible than general statistical software.

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Category: Social responsibility

Project: Tactile Multimedia Guide for Works of Art

Unfortunately, it is not to be sure at present that all people can participate equally in art and culture. Many museums and exhibitions are not sufficiently equipped to cater to people with special needs. Especially for blind and visually impaired people, visiting an exhibition of works of art is often a less than rewarding experience. With the tactile multimedia guide, works of art can literally be understood by everyone. Computer-generated tactile reliefs also enable blind and visually impaired people to feel paintings and other 2D or 3D exhibits. In combination with specially tailored texts - in standard language and simplified language - made available as audio files, subtitles and sign language videos, the result is an accessible environment in which the artwork is embedded. Animations and sound effects complete the offer and also arouse the interest of children.

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Category: Training

Project: Fire safety training in VR

Fire safety training for non-professionals is expensive, complicated and dangerous. In Austria, preparatory training in the event of a fire is legally obligatory in a number of industries and prevents personal injury and damage to property in the event of an emergency. Virtual fire fighting is clearly superior to fire protection training in reality in terms of safety, practicability and selection of training scenarios. In particular, because for safety reasons the real training is actually carried out under very unrealistic conditions in order to avoid risk and damage. In VR fire and smoke can be simulated, especially how fast they spread and how devouring they can be. The advantage of this VR fire protection training is to combine a playful training with sustainable learning success. The users can train the behavior in case of fire, the correct handling of a fire extinguisher as well as efficient fire extinguishing in one.

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