VRVis with 8 scientific posters at the 11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience

Katja Bühler talks to a visitor about a poster (above), Florian Ganglberger presenting the poster "Dimensionality Reduction For Analysis of Functional Connectivity in the Developing Human Brain" (below)

The VRVis is represented with 8 scientific posters at the 11th FENS Forum 2018, the Forum for Neuroscience, which takes place from July 7th to 11th in Berlin, Germany. The Biomedical Image Informatics team of group leader Dr. Katja Bühler is the main author of three of the eight contributions and co-author of the other five.

Click here under "Abstracts" to see the contributions of the conference. Alle Beiträge des VRVis finden sich unter "Bühler" (6 Poster), "Buehler" (1 Poster) und "Ganglberger" (1 Poster).

Previews of some posters

Other posters are

  • Larvalign - Software for aligning gene expression patterns to a standard CNS of the Drosophila larva
  • The larval standard brain: The reconstruction of the larval memory center at cellular and synaptic resolution
  • Dimensionality reduction for analysis of functional connectivity in the developing human brain
  • A prototypic visual analytics framework for interactive exploration of functional connectivity development
  • Multi-modal exploration of a thalamo-amygdala anxiety circuit