Visualisation of traffic solutions in a city development area.

ÖBB cargo center in the south of Vienna.

High voltage power line network and wind power plants in the east of Austria.

GEARViewer is the result of years of researching the visualisation of complex infrastructure projects. In cooperation with our project partner Geoconsult Wien ZT GmbH, we developed a tool which enables the interactive exploration of extensive geographical areas and the evaluation of the impact that large infrastructure projects have on urban and rural environments.

GEARViewer is based on Aardvark, our high-performance visualisation framework, and can visualise highly complex scenarios, which are generated from large volumes of spatial data. This includes high-resolution terrain models, georeferenced models of buildings and vegetation, as well as traffic and daylight simulations. The tool makes a valuable contribution to planning optimisation and can serve as a basis for decision-making. In addition, it enables projects to be presented optimally, as it is possible to visualise data clearly and concisely. Infrastructure projects can not only be experienced visually, but also analysed interactively. High-resolution images, video sequences and sometimes animated panoramas form the most important basis for information dissemination, campaigns and public relations work