Software VISDOM

Software simuliert Starkregen und Hochwasser, hilft Gemeinden sich zu schützen

On 6 June, ORF broadcast a detailed article in "Daheim in Österreich" about our software VISDOM and how it can help affected communities.

This simulation software simulates and visualizes extreme weather events. From heavy rain to floods and high water up to slope water, different scenarios can be played through. But not only that, by means of the software concrete measures can also be checked immediately: How many sandbags are needed for a sufficiently strong barrier in front of a hospital? Can all crisis measures be managed with 20 people and one truck?

By playing through and comparing different scenarios - faster than in real time - suitable crisis measures and protection plans can be designed. Often it is enough to take a few structural measures in advance to protect a cellar, a house or a company from floods, for example.

The article can be viewed until 12.06.2018 in the TVthek of ORF.
A recent Kurier article from June 7, 2018 also reports about our flood simulations.

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