L. M. Kellner ,  M. Schwärzler (2016)

Guided 2D Modeling of 3D Buildings using Oriented Photos

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CESCG 2016


Capturing urban scenes using photogrammetric methods has become an interesting alternative to laser scanning in the past years. For the reconstruction of CAD-ready 3D models, two main types of interactive approaches have be- come prevalent: One uses the generated 3D point clouds to reconstruct polygonal surfaces, while the other focuses on 2D interaction in the photos to define edges and faces. We propose a novel interactive system that combines and enhances these approaches in order to optimize cur- rent reconstruction and modeling workflows. Our main interaction target are the photos, allowing simple 2D in- teractions and edge-based snapping. We use the under- lying segmented point cloud to define the 3D context in which the sketched polygons are projected whenever pos- sible. An intuitive Visual Guiding interface gives the user feedback on the accuracy to expect with the current state of modeling to keep the necessary interactions at a minimum level.

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3D-Modeling, Guidance, Photogrammetry