N. Vugdelija ,  R. Splechtna ,  G. Todorovic ,  M. Suznjevic ,  K. Matković (2023)

Comparative Visualization for Noise Simulation Data

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Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) simulation represents an important step in modern automotive design. It produces large and complex data which is not easy to analyze. The data resides in two domains, the spatial and the frequency domain. In this paper, we extend the current state of the art in visual exploration of such data by supporting comparison tasks. We support the comparison of velocity values of a subset of surface elements for multiple frequency bands. We combine data aggregation on the 3D model with multiple bar charts in a coordinated multiple views system. This new approach allows for an intuitive comparison of multiple velocity values in the context of both domains. We demonstrate the deployment of this approach for an example from the automotive industry, but it can be used with any simulation data that relates to two domains at the same time.

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