K. Krösl ,  C. Elvezio ,  M. Hürbe ,  S. Karst ,  M. Wimmer ,  S. Feiner (2019)

ICthroughVR: Illuminating Cataracts through Virtual Reality

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To appear in 2019 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR)


Vision impairments, such as cataracts, affect how many people interact with their environment, yet are rarely considered by architects and lighting designers because of a lack of design tools. To address this, we present a method to simulate vision impairments caused by cataracts in virtual reality (VR), using eye tracking for gaze-dependent effects. We conducted a user study to investigate how lighting affects visual perception for users with cataracts. Unlike past approaches, we account for the user's vision and some constraints of VR headsets, allowing for calibration of our simulation to the same level of degraded vision for all participants.

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vision impairments, cataracts, virtual reality, user study