M. Schütz ,  K. Krösl ,  M. Wimmer (2019)

Real-Time Continuous Level of Detail Rendering of Point Clouds

communication medium

To appear in IEEE VR 2019, the 26th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces


Real-time rendering of large point clouds requires acceleration structures that reduce the number of points drawn on screen. State-of-the art algorithms group and render points in hierarchically organized chunks with varying extent and density, which results in sudden changes of density from one level of detail to another, as well as noticeable popping artifacts when additional chunks are blended in or out. These popping artifacts are especially noticeable at lower levels of detail, and consequently in virtual reality, where high performance requirements impose a reduction in detail. We propose a continuous level-of-detail method that exhibits gradual rather than sudden changes in density. Our method continuously recreates a down-sampled vertex buffer from the full point cloud, based on camera orientation, position, and distance to the camera, in a point-wise rather than chunk-wise fashion and at speeds up to 17 million points per millisecond. As a result, additional details are blended in or out in a less noticeable and significantly less irritating manner as compared to the state of the art. The improved acceptance of our method was successfully evaluated in a user study.

research topic


point clouds, virtual reality, VR