C. Luksch ,  L. Prost ,  M. Wimmer (2020)

Real-time Approximation of Photometric Polygonal Lights

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Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques


We present a real-time rendering technique for photometric polygonal lights. Our method uses a numerical integration technique based on a triangulation to calculate noise-free diffuse shading. We include a dynamic point in the triangulation that provides a continuous near-field illumination resembling the shape of the light emitter and its characteristics. We evaluate the accuracy of our approach with a diverse selection of photometric measurement data sets in a comprehensive benchmark framework. Furthermore, we provide an extension for specular reflection on surfaces with arbitrary roughness that facilitates the use of existing real-time shading techniques. Our technique is easy to integrate into real-time rendering systems and extends the range of possible applications with photometric area lights.

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area lights, photometric lights, real-time rendering