D. Stoll (2020)

Tactile Multi-Media Guide - Interaction design on tactile reliefs

communication medium

Master's Thesis


This thesis was part of the three year ARCHES project. We have set ourselves the goal to create an inclusive cultural environment. The main contribution of this thesis is the development of a new Tactile Multi-Media Guide (TMG). The TMG is an interaction design on tactile reliefs, which makes art accessible for visitors with various visual, hearing and cognitive access preferences. Over 200 people with diverse disabilities from participatory research groups in London, Madrid, Oviedo and Vienna met in the museums, developed ideas, tested and helped shape the prototypes. This thesis establishes a Design for all mixed reality prototype, where users can explore six artworks with their hands and trigger information with specific gestures. The TMG provides information in form of audio files, subtitles, sign language videos, as well as texts. It also supports visitors with learning difficulties with an easy read version. This thesis shows that experiencing art can be interesting and accessible for everyone.

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