Josefsplatz Experience

The goal of the project "Creative Histories" was to recontruct a complex 3D model of an urban environment (Josefsplatz in Vienna) from historical pictures and paintings and present it on mobile devices to address a wide audience.

The high value of cultural monuments is often only recognised if they are threatened to deteriorate or are already completely destroyed. As a prominent example of the recent past the large fire at the Viennese Sophiensäle should be mentioned. The development of highly realistic, virtual three-dimensional models are a potent measure to document the real looks of such a monument. Such three-dimensional models are at the same time the basis for information areas where historical events at and changes in the reconstructed building can be visualized.
Staying close to reality, the correct interpretation of available historical data as well as an according multi-media presentation of the reconstructed events are only some of the challenges that have to be solved when depicting important cultural objects.
During the project "Creative Histories The Josefsplatz Experience" an effort will be made to satisfy the needs of virtual reconstruction, editing of historical data, optimal use of presentation techniques, transfer and visualization for the end-user. In order to reach this goal state-of-the-art reconstruction methods and visualization strategies will be implemented. This will give the user a never-seen-before experience in virtually discovering the Josefsplatz. One step to this goal will be the multi-time concept of the project, where not only the current Josefsplatz and its surrounding buildings, but also historical views of this area will be provided in three-dimensional space. The development of an intelligent interaction system will even further strengthen the wholesome experience. A further challenge will be the presentation of the results on a mobile device. Thus it will be possible to present the Josefsplatz Experience to a broad audience at the very spot.
The extensive benefit next to the important development of technologies within this project is connected to the fact, that the Viennese people as well as tourists will be able to see the cultural richness and diversity of the city and especially of the Josefsplatz in a new dimension.
The project was made possible through funding of the Wiener Wissenschafts und Technologie Fonds (WWTF).