C. Arbesser ,  T. Mühlbacher ,  S. Komornyik ,  H. Piringer (2017)

Visual Analytics for Domain Experts: Challenges and Lessons Learned

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Proceedings of the second international symposium on Virtual Reality & Visual Computing


In many fields, domain experts can benefit from applying visual an- alytics solutions to their tasks and problems. Visual approaches are often necessary for finding anomalies or structural changes in the data, providing comprehensive overviews, formulating and testing hypotheses, and many more. However, domain experts are rarely visualization experts themselves. Off-the-shelf visualization soft- ware is usually too powerful and complicated or too simple for their professional needs. In this paper, we present a strategy for creating powerful yet easy-to-use visual analytics solutions for specific problem domains and users. We also discuss challenges and report lessons learned from developing visual analytics dashboards in a variety of domains for almost three years.