H. Eberl ,  K. Hidaka ,  E. Ginina (2019)

Correlation between the decays h0 → γγ/gg in the MSSM with quark flavor violation

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International Journal of Modern Physics A


We study the loop-induced decays h0 → γγ and h0 → gg in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) with quark flavor violation (QFV), identifying h0 with the Higgs boson with a mass of 125 GeV, where γ and g are photon and gluon, respectively. We perform a MSSM parameter scan and a detailed analysis around a fixed reference point respecting theoretical constraints from vacuum stability conditions and experimental constraints, such as those from B-meson data and electroweak precision data, as well as recent limits on Supersymmetric (SUSY) particle masses from LHC experiments. We find that (i) the relative deviation of the decay width Γ(h0 → gg) from the Standard Model value, DEV(g), can be large and negative, ≲−15%, (ii) the analogous deviation of Γ(h0 → γγ) is strongly correlated, DEV(γ) ≃−1/4DEV(g) for DEV(g) ≲−4%, (iii) the relative deviation of the width ratio Γ(h0 → γγ)/Γ(h0 → gg) from the SM value, DEV(γ/g), can be large (up to ∼20%), (iv) the deviations can be large due to the up-type squark loop contributions, (v) the SUSY QFV parameters can have a significant effect on these deviations. Such large deviations can be observed at a future e+e− collider like ILC. Observation of the deviation patterns as shown in this study would favor the MSSM with flavor-violating squark mixings and encourage to perform further studies in this model.