A. SzaboG. HaaserH. SteinlechnerA. WalchS. Maierhofer ,  T. Ortner ,  E. Gröller (2023)

Feature-assisted interactive geometry reconstruction in 3D point clouds using incremental region growing

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Computers & Graphics, Vol.111


Reconstructing geometric shapes from point clouds is a common task that is often accomplished by experts manually modeling geometries in CAD-capable software. State-of-the-art workflows based on fully automatic geometry extraction are limited by point cloud density and memory constraints, and require pre- and post-processing by the user. In this work, we present a framework for interactive, user-driven, feature-assisted geometry reconstruction from arbitrarily sized point clouds. Based on seeded region-growing point cloud segmentation, the user interactively extracts planar pieces of geometry and utilizes contextual suggestions to point out plane surfaces, normal and tangential directions, and edges and corners. We implement a set of feature-assisted tools for high-precision modeling tasks in architecture and urban surveying scenarios, enabling instant-feedback interactive point cloud manipulation on large-scale data collected from real-world building interiors and facades. We evaluate our results through systematic measurement of the reconstruction accuracy, and interviews with domain experts who deploy our framework in a commercial setting and give both structured and subjective feedback.





Point clouds; Interaction; Segmentation; Reconstruction