M. Huber ,  S. Kloiber ,  H. Kaufmann ,  K. Krösl (2023)

Exploring Locomotion Techniques for Seated Virtual Reality

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In Proceedings of Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW) 2023


Virtual reality often only uses locomotion techniques that require users to stand or walk around in physical spaces. We explore the feasibility of selected promising locomotion techniques for a seated stationary VR setting, as it might better support lengthy sessions and small physical spaces, and has the potential to include people with limited mobility. Therefore, we present our evaluation approach and preliminary user study to evaluate these factors. Our results suggest that it is feasible to adapt common locomotion techniques, like teleportation, for this purpose, while more physically demanding techniques may exhibit problems, including motion sickness and usability issues.




Virtual reality, User interfaces, Motion sickness, Usability, Simulation, Locomotion