Research on high-performance visualization methods to support decision making for complex infrastructure projects, especially tunnel, railway and street constructions.

This multi-firm project addresses requirements of two civil engineering companies, GEOCONSULT and GEODATA. The goal is to provide a consistent and comprehensible visual experience of complex geographic scenarios that helps to assess situations more effectively and make better informed decisions. Principles of Building Information Modeling (BIM) will be considered in our research to comply to evolving standards and support collaboration.

For GEOCONSULT we research and develop a powerful visualisation framework called GEARViewer. It allows to explore and survey large area infrastructure projects including high-resolution terrain models, geo-referenced models of buildings and vegetation, a traffic simulations and a skylight model. The impact of planned large-scale infrastructure projects on urban and rural environments can be visually experienced and interactively analysed.

For GEODATA our research focuses on a tunnel monitoring system that integrates non-spatial time-dependent data. For that we adapt methods from information visualization for 3D space. Various sensor measurements are comprehensibly displayed directly at the location where they were recorded, establishing their geospatial context.