Exomars - PanCam

Virtual exploration and geological analysis for reconstructed Martian surfaces and rock outcrops.

The PanCam - panoramic camera - is designed to search for textural information on rocks (for example, laminations or pitting) that can be related to the presence of organisms on Mars. PanCam will also capture other information that will help in revealing the geological characteristics of the Martian environment. Our partner Joanneum Research provides processing methods to create multi-resolution representations of Martian surfaces, especially rock outcrops, from PanCam and orbiter imagery.

Our contribution is research on methods for the virtual exploration and geological analysis of these reconstructions. We will build on the 3D viewer PRo3D, which resulted from the EU-FP7 project PRoViDE. It already provides various measurement tools as required by planetary scientist which will be continuously extended and improved by user centred design. A storytelling mechanism will be added that allows to record and playback interpretation sessions to share insights with colleagues. Furthermore, a visualization of subterranean data from ground penetrating radar will be included.