J. Sorger ,  P. Mindek ,  P. Rautek ,  E. Gröller ,  G. Johnson ,  I. Viola (2017)

Metamorphers: Storytelling Templates For Illustrative Animated Transitions in Molecular Visualization

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Proceedings of the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017


In molecular biology, illustrative animations are used to convey complex biological phenomena to broad audiences. However, such animations have to be manually authored in 3D modeling software, a time consuming task that has to be repeated from scratch for every new data set, and requires a high level of expertise in illustration, animation, and biology. We therefore propose metamorphers: a set of operations for defining animation states as well as the transitions to them in the form of re-usable story telling templates. The re-usability is two-fold. Firstly, due to their modular nature, metamorphers can be re-used in different combinations to create a wide range of animations. Secondly, due to their abstract nature, metamorphers can be re-used to re-create an intended animation for a wide range of compatible data sets. Metamorphers thereby mask the low level complexity of explicit animation specifications by exploiting the inherent properties of the molecular data, such as the position, size, and hierarchy level of a semantic data subset.





animated transitions, storytelling, molecular visualization