R. SplechtnaT. Hulka ,  D. Sardana ,  N. D. Chandrashekar ,  D. Gračanin ,  K. Matković (2023)

Interactive Exploration of Complex Heterogeneous Data: A Use Case on Understanding City Economics

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VISIGRAPP 2023 - 18th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications


The analysis of complex, heterogeneous data containing spatial and temporal components is a non-trivial task. Besides data heterogeneity and data quantity, the exploratory nature of data analysis tasks, which is only roughly specified at the beginning and refined during the process, poses main challenges. In this paper, we describe a holistic approach to interactive visual analysis of such data. We use the IEEE VAST Challenge 2022 data set for this purpose. To support the exploratory tasks dealing with the economic health of a city, we apply different data processing, introduce new views, and employ complex interactions. All these steps are necessary for an efficient workflow. We rely on the well-known paradigm of coordinated multiple views. In addition to the standard views, we introduce the interactive map view, which supports the visualization of different statistical values on the map itself. All views are interactive and support multiple composite brushing. Our results, which are also described, illustrate the effectiveness of our approach and show its applicability to similar data and tasks.