Visualization of the Martian Surface.

Visual analysis of Martian surface reconstructions and view planning for rover camera instruments.

This project shares some research questions with ExoMars - PanCam and hence there are many synergies. The Mastcam-Z is the multispectral, stereoscopic camera mounted on the mast of the Mars-2020 rover. High-resolution reconstructions of Martian surfaces will be created from its imagery by our partner Joanneum Research.

Like with ExoMars - PanCam, our contribution are methods for the virtual exploration and geological analysis of these reconstructions. Thereby we will match the special requirements from planetary scientist who were involved in the design of the instrument. A special focus will be on a view planer. It allows to visualise the visible region of camera instruments on already reconstructed terrain (mainly from orbiter imagery) considering the rover position and orientation as well as the camera settings. It also renders a simulated view of the instrument in a separate window. This is a useful feature to find optimal viewing positions and camera settings for further captures and reconstructions based on rover imagery.