Dr.techn. Thomas Ortner, MMSc

Former Head of Geospatial Visualization, Semantic Modelling, and Acquisition

Thomas Ortner was until May 2023 head of the Geospatial Visualization, Semantic Modelling, and Acquisition research group at VRVis. He received his degree in 'Computer Graphics Programming' from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Hull (UK) in 2008. Thomas Ortner already worked as a software engineer and researcher for several years when he started his PhD at TU Wien in 2012, which he successfully completed in 2021. His PhD research topic is concerned with the combination of the two worlds of visual analytics and real-time rendering. This topic also influenced his work as project leader and researcher in the Exomars and MastCam-Z projects, which deal with 3D real-time rendering and geological annotation of the Martian surface in collaboration with Joanneum Research Graz and leading geologists of the planetary scientific community.

Main research topics

  • 3D-Geospatial representation
  • Visual analysis
  • Integration of spatial and non-spatial data

Media & press coverage

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Portraitfoto von Thomas Ortner.